Vehicle Verification Online 2019

Vehicle Verification Online

Earlier the Government of Pakistan launched its online vehicles verification system. Well. Now it is connected to excise & tax services in 3 distinct provinces. As well as online vehicle verification in the Capital City of Islamabad and Azad Kashmir.

Now, just entering the vehicle’s register number, you can check the data for any vehicle such as owner name, make, model and details.

  • Vehicle Verification Guide
  • Verify your Motorcar/Motorbike Online
  • Make sure Vehicle is CPCL Clear (NOC) required.
  • It requires 10 to 15 days for Token / Tax Calls updates to appear online, depending on the province.
  • You need to visit the Excise Office for Islamabad Vehicle Verification.
  • Original number plate (Token) is essential for the vehicle, book or tax challan. (For Buying and Selling)
  • Punjab and Sindh Government has Introduced Smart Card Registration.
  • If you have any question related to Registration or Vehicle kindly comment down.
Vehicle Verification Online

Vehicle Verification Online:

Online Vehicle Verification Portal is one stop for Sindh, Punjab, KPK, Islamabad and Azad Kashmir, Government Of Pakistan Online Verification Vehicle solution. Our tourists are grateful for making the Vehicle Check Online in Pakistan our most successful platform. Therefore, Punjab has implemented online verification of vehicles for Islamabad and also for Punjab.

Here we have produced some modifications to make it simpler for you now that you can click on the area you want and easily check your car.

Contact the department involved (Excise & Taxation) if your car does not appear in the search consequence. Independent News Coverage Pakistan. The country, however, determines to provide the most helpful data and technical internet aid. To verify that all vehicles or motors were never as simple as it is now.

In addition, if you own a car or motorbike, a buyer or a vendor after that simply click on your location and enter your registration number, after that the data comes straight from the Excise & Taxation department.

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Sindh Vehicle Verification Online:

Online Verify / Check Motor Car / Motor Bike – Sindh Vehicle Verification Online already existed since 2013. We had to categorize the regions to make it more convenient for you to verify vehicle online.

NOTE: Sindh Vehicle Verification Online is limited to Karachi Registered vehicles (Motor Car / Motorbikes ). Only, Government doesn’t store any information here however you are most welcome.

Ever since 2013, we had to categorize the areas to make it more convenient to check vehicles online. In Other Words, Online Verify / Check Car / Motor Bike-Sindh car verification Online was already available since 2013.

FOR STOLEN CARS /BIKES: If the car has been stolen or missing, please report it on the closest CPLC police station. CPLC clearance may be necessary before purchasing a car online.

Check Sindh Vehicle Verification Online

Punjab Vehicle Verification Online:

Check your vehicle’s registration from all over Punjab, with Punjab Vehicle Verification directly connected with the Punjab Excise and Taxation Department. Motor cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, any cars registered in any town in the province of Punjab.

UPDATE: SRU and Excise Department launched the third phase of the ARC-Automated Registration Card Transportation Sahulat – Easy to carry – Safe and Safe Vehicle Registration Smartcard with Citizen & Vehicle Data.

Contact your nearest Police Station for the Stolen Cars and Hills and report the written request to Excise & Tax Officer (ETO). In addition, if your inquiry is available, you can comment and we will do everything necessary to guide you.

Punjab Excise & Taxation Department‘s official website is active, click below on the link to re-direct and enter your vehicle details to check.

Check Punjab Vehicle Verification Online

KPK Vehicle Verification Online:

The government has just added a KPK internet vehicle check to make it simpler for our tourists to check online for Islamabad, Sindh, Punjab, and Azad Kashmir. You do not store any verification process for data vehicles on your corresponding websites. You can now check everything from one location. Click Verify Vehicle Online below to get back on the map for the recent updates and data!

Kindly click on the text below. To open the verification page after that enter your vehicle’s registration number and press submits results will appear on this page. In case if your vehicle is not appearing in this record contact KPK Excise & Taxation department.

Check KPK Vehicle Verification Online

Balochistan Vehicle Verification Online:

Balochistan has not yet developed an online portal for verification of vehicles.

Vehicle Verification of AJK

For the administration of the Azad Kashmir Motor Vehicle Ordinance. The Azad Kashmir Transport Authority and regional transport authorities are now established. However, no information on the verification of vehicles is currently available on the official website.

Vehicle Verification of Gilgit Baltistan

government while the Gilgit portal is not yet accessible, the excellent news is that they are developing Gilgit Baltistan’s Motor Vehicle Registry and Tax Management System (MVRTMS). A dedicated website is created by goverment to demonstrate progress with photographs of data centers.

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