United Bravo Price in Pakistan, Features ,Specifications

United Bravo Price in Pakistan, Features, Specifications

United Bravo

United Bravo launches his new car in Pakistan in August 2018. One of the most important things about this new United Bravo car is that it comes with new features. It is more affordable than Suzuki Mehran. 

United Bravo Launch 

It is the second Affordable car in Pakistan. It breaks the monopoly created by Suzuki Mehran from previous years in Pakistan. 

It comes with a better convenient of traveling and with customer satisfaction. 

Why we should buy united Bravo? 

United Bravo interior

With respect to other cars, it is now available at affordable price. It is the best alternative choice to Suzuki Mehran. Spare parts of United Bravo is easily available in Pakistan. It has also a low maintenance cost which makes it more affordable. 

Features of United Bravo


  • Model :                           800cc 
  • Engine Type:                 three cylinders, four strokes, water cooled, EFI 
  • Brake System:              Hydraulic brake, Front disc & Rear disc 
  • Fuel Tank Capacity:      30 liter
  • Fuel consumption :       20 – 30 20 to 25 km per liter

Price: 850,000/

Others features 

United Bravo interior


    • Power window 
    • USB 
    • Cool iron production 
    • Heater 
    • FM radio 
    • Remote keyless feature 
    • Fog lamp (Front Side)
    • Vacuum booster 
    • Air condition system 
    • Seat belt warning feature

Standard Specification 

United Bravo specifications

Standard Configuration                  Model DH350S

  1. Vehicle Dimension (L×W×H)  3290×1600×1490    
  2. Wheelbase                                 2170    
  3. Min. Ground Clearance            150    
  4. Type                                         SOHC & EFI ERO 2 Emission Standard    
  5. Color                                        White, Graphite Gray  

 Engine Specification 

  1.  Model                             LJ368QA, Suzuki technology    
  2. Type                                Three cylinders, four strokes, water cooled, EFI    
  3. Displacement                  796    
  4. Bore × stroke                   68.5× 72    
  5. Compression ratio 9.4:1  

System Specification 

  1. Transmission                        Manual, 4 forward, 1 reverse    
  2. Clutch                                   Single dry, Diaphragm spring    
  3. Suspension System              Independent suspension    
  4. Brake System FR/RR)       Hydraulic brake, Front disc & Rear disc  

Fuel Specification 

  1. Fuel tank                                     30 Litter    
  2. Fuel Consumption                      14 -17 Km/ per Litter  

Light Specification 

  1. Crystal Lights                           Yes    
  2. Fog Lights                               Yes  

Key Specification

Lock                                               Yes    
Unlock                                            Yes    
Jack Knife Key                               Yes

Other Specification 

  1. Collision protection beam      Yes    
  2. Heater                                    Yes    
  3. Vacuum booster                     Yes    
  4. Safety belt                             Yes    
  5. Aluminum Alloy Rim              Yes    
  6. FM Radio                              Yes    
  7. Dry Battery                           Yes    
  8. Reverse Camera                  Yes    
  9. Parking Sensors                  Yes    
  10. Antenna                                Yes    
  11. Material                                Wooden and Plastic    
  12. Power Windows                  Yes    
  13. Front Seat belt                    Yes    
  14. Back  Seat belt                     No    
  15. Indicator                              Yes  

Variable Configuration Specification

                                                       Economy Version                         Luxury Version    
  1. Steering                                       Mechanical                                       EPS    
  2. Remote                                        No                                                    YES    
  3. A/C                                                NO                                                    YES  

Bravo booking instruction 

  • Only From authorized dealer bravo car can be booked. 
  • In favor of United Motors Pvt Ltd, this new Bravo car can be booked through pay order. 
  • The original Booking form will send to United Motors Pvt Ltd. Booking confirmation and delivery information date will be announced by United Motors Pvt Ltd. 
  • 200,000 Rs is the booking amount. Another amount must be paid 15 days before car delivery. 

Documents required for Bravo car Booking 

  • Original booking form from United Motors Pvt Ltd. Will is accepted with customers signature. 
  • Original pay order in favor of United Motors Pvt Ltd. 
  • Customer photocopy of original CNIC of the customer. 
  • Purchase order (not necessary but in case of Companies information) 
  • WhatsApp
  • Filer evidence (Income Tax Payer)
  • Advance Income Tax Filer Fee is 7,500 
  • Advance Income Tax Non-Filer Fee is 10, 
  • Any amount will be paid only in United Motors Pvt Ltd.

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