Passo Car Price In Pakistan

Today, We’re going to talk about Toyota Passo and Passo Car Price in Pakistan. Toyota Passo 2019 is also one of the most running cars in Pakistan but this car didn’t play good. Like, the other cars of Toyota which are imported or manufactured in Pakistan.

Toyota Passo 2019 Review:

In Pakistan, Toyota introduced its 3rd generation Passo car in 2016 at first it didn’t play well in our Pakistani automobile industry.

But slowly, it started appearing in Pakistan. Now, the Toyota Passo 2019 is also a Front Engine Drive and Subcompact Drive.

Toyota Passo is also famous as the Daihatsu Siron, Daihatsu Boon and Perodua MyVi in other countries.



The exterior of Toyota Passo 2019 is not that much attractive. However, it looks like a familiar car. Well, The Toyota Passo 2019 which is the 3rd generation comes in 2 different stylings.

The first one is known as Toyota Passo X. Now, the second one is known as the Moda.

The first car Toyota Passo X features a simple, approachable and secure design. The rear bumper of this model has a low center of gravity with a trapezoid outline which matches its a front grille. The front of this car has an enhanced sense of stability. 

The second version Toyota Passo Moda has a Simple, Eloquent and Refined appearance. It also features a circular Bi Beam LED headlamps that help you to change the beam from high to low OR low to high.


The Interior of Passo Car In Pakistan has a comprises of light grey plastic trim pieces. All the seats are covered with Fabric. Some of the standard features of this car is mentioned below:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Power Windows
  • Stereo Speaker System
  • Power Steering
  • Climate Control
  • Power Lock Doors
  • Tachometer
  • Satellite Navigations
  • Side Airbags


  • FWD, Front Engine Drive
  • 4 Person Seating Capacity
  • CVT Automatic Transmission
  • 24.4 Km/L to 28 Km/L

Pros & Cons:


  • Decent Interior
  • FWD as standard while AWD can be an option


  • Stiff type of Ride
  • 1.0L is underpowered

Is Toyota Passo Good For Pakistani’s?

Yes, If you have 4-5 members in your family. While, It can be a good car but, it’s Under Power.

What Is The Price Of Toyota Passo 2019?

The Passo car price in Pakistan has not identified yet as you want to import this car.

Is It Okay With For Pakistani’s Road?

Well, It’s a imported car it will be difficult at some positions.

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