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Most Expensive Cars in the World with Same Price:



An estimate of about 65% to 85% economically worthy people in the world prefer purchase expensive cars and this increased demand, these cars still have a small variation in cost. Following a wide range of research into cars niche, the undisputed fact is that most expensive cars in the world with the same price exist but for the few, therefore; this article highlights the factors which have contributed to this fact. For many people, most expensive cars in the world with the same price have continued to exist in the market due to the forces of demand and supply but this is merely true. They are luxurious and this makes them the most admired. Therefore, this article endeavors to discuss why most of the expensive cars globally cost the same price. 



Not surprisingly, expensive vehicles have increased on a yearly basis. Nonetheless, the numbers of cars in the world have increased and this is because of the increasing number of people who are inclined to a luxurious life. There are many factors which are deemed to contribute to this scenario. These factors include the volume, quality, sporting, and many design options. Expensive cars have a limited number of production units because they target small groups. Globally, those people who can afford to purchase such products can merely be 10% and this affirms that almost 90% of the world’s populations consist of the less economically viable persons.  Therefore, the most expensive cars in the world with the same price will continue to exist as long as the number of people who can purchase them will continue to be lower globally. Due to this fact, even if the expensive car making companies were to increase the volume of production, the market would be a problem. Some of the trending expensive cars in the world include Koenigsegg, Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, Lykan Hypersport, Aston Martin Valkryie, Bugatti and Ferrari just to mention a few. 
One frequently advertised expensive car in the car industry is Lykan Hypersport. Lykan Hypersport’s expensive value is associated with its high quality. It is fast, luxurious, flamboyance and this made it take practical precedence. It is estimated that the cost of Lykan Hypersport is 3.4 million U.S dollars. Similarly, there is another car which has often featured in the adverts called Bugatti Veyron. Bugatti Veyron is also competitive and socially admired because of its high value. It has a high power output and a powerful engine. In terms of cost, its value is the same as Lykan Hypersport. It is priced at $3.4 million in the market. The case of Lykan Hypersport and Bugatti Veyron is a confirmation that most expensive cars in the world with the same price will continue to exist in the automotive industry as long as the luxurious lifestyle continues to be a choice of the wealthy. 

Additionally, another stunning feature of the high values cars is that they have specialized brands. Cars such as the Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and Lamborghini are some of the costly cars which have attracted the attention of many people who have tastes for brandy cars. Bugatti is also another specialized car which has been added to the cars with the best models and brands. In recent years, it has been producing cars which are comparable to Lamborghini and Ferrari. Besides catchy branding, another common comparison between Lamborghini, Bugatti, and Ferrari is the speed. They have the same speed range. It is a fact in the public knowledge that speedy cars are used in the sports racing and in such competitions racers often go for similar cars to avoid having a competitive advantage over others. Due to this fact, the most expensive cars in the world with the same price continue to dominate the sports racing. The recently produced cars include Hennessey Venom, Koenigsegg Agera RS and Mansory Vivere is purely used as sports cars. Perhaps, the fact that many people like sporting could also be a reason for the expensiveness of racing cars.

Finally, in the automotive industry, there are has been increased classification of the expensive cars. The classification of these cars has progressively changed because of the need to improve and upgrade the automotive. Some of the manufacturers have made the cars expensive to increase ranks in costs and at the same time increase inaccessibility and this is part of the reasons for the most expensive cars being owned by only a few people in the world. From these facts, it is obvious that those who make the cars do not have the motive of increasing the profit but rather to increase the ranks of their cars by making access to them extremely difficult. Surprisingly, even some of the people who have the money and able to acquire such cannot do so because they fall in lower social ranks. Therefore, most expensive cars in the world with the same price are for the few people globally and only those who merit in the ranks of prestige.




In conclusion, most expensive cars in the world with the same price are classified as so because of the same quality, same sporting interest and unique but the same designs, that is, branding. These features such as high quality, speedy racing cars, and design options automatically eliminate the majority from owning such cars. It is only a few in the world who are respectful and have money have managed to rise to the rank. The classification of the expensive cars will continue to exist but such classification will never affect the price of these cars. They will remain. Finally, there is more than that which meets the eye of many people in the car industry. Many people think that the cost of the cars is costly due to their high demand but this is merely the case for those. For the most expensive cars globally, there is no connection between their cost and the demand, after all, it is only a few people who have the ability and financial muscles to purchase such cars.

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