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Guide: How To Change a Flat Tire of a Vehicle

How To Change a Flat Tire of a Vehicle
A lot of people will be thinking that I am kidding but it is a very serious question which everyone should ask himself.
Did you really know “How to change a flat tire?
How many of you are well conversant with the proper and right procedure of changing a flat tire?
Based on my personal observation, 70% of the drivers on the roads don’t know how to change a flat tire.
Majority of our population focuses on learning the driving skills but they do not pay attention to the basic troubleshooting of their vehicle. Changing a flat tire is one of the very common problems that a road user may face.
Through this article, we will share with you some basic and simple tips to change a flat tire.


Before driving a car, please make sure that you have:

Mandatory requirements for changing a flat tire

  • One spare tire with required air pressure in it (mandatory)
  • A wrench
  • A Jack

Optional requirements for changing a flat tire

  • A sheet or mat
  • A torch or emergency light
  • Raincoat or umbrella
  • A wooden piece or stone
  • Gloves or hand sanitizer
  • A plastic cone
How To Change a Flat Tire of a Vehicle
So step by step guide to change a flat tire is as follows:


Make sure the vehicle is parked at a safe place preferably at the side of the road.


Apply hand brakes and also place the wooden piece or stone at any tire of the car (other than the one which is deflated and needs to be changed)

Hazard lights:

Turn the hazard lights on.

Place the plastic cone:

Place the plastic cone at a distance of around 6 to 10 feet toward the back side of your vehicle. This will be a sort of warning to the other drivers to be careful and to maintain distance and you will have no danger while you are changing the flat tire.

Use of a raincoat or an umbrella:

If it is raining outside and you need to change the flat tire of your car, you can use your raincoat or an umbrella. If it is sunny you can use the umbrella to save your skin from the warmth of the sun.

Placing the mat or sheet:

Place the mat or sheet on the road, this will save your clothes from getting dirty even.

Remove wheel cap:

Remove the wheel cap of the flattened tire only.

Loosen the nuts:

Loosen the nits of the flat tire. This should be people start opening the nuts after lifting the car through jack. If you lift the car and try to loosen, it will be almost impossible.

Fix the jack:

Fix the jack at the downside of the body of the vehicle at the flat tire side. Please make sure that it is not fixed at any fragile or breakable part of the car body.

How To Change a Flat Tire of a Vehicle
All cars have a specific spot under them near all wheels for placement of jack in case one needs to change a flat tire. After placing the jack, lift the car slowly and carefully.

Remove the flat tire:

Now open all nuts of the flat tire and remove the flat tire.

Fix the spare tire:

After removing the flat tire, fix the spare tire/ wheel

Tight the nuts:

After replacing the flat tire with the spare tire, star tightening all nuts of the wheel manually. This should be done to an extent that there are no chances that a wheel may be removed after the jack is lowered.

Lower the jack:

Lower the jack to bring the vehicle back to ground level

Use wrench to tighten the nuts:

Now use the wrench to tighten all nuts of the wheel. Please make sure that reasonable pressure is put on the wrench and the nuts are tightened properly.
This is very important because if the nuts are loose then there are chances that the wheel gets detached when the car is running at a high speed.

Check the air pressure:

Check the air pressure of all tires especially the one which has been changed.

Fix the wheel cap:

Fix the wheel cap properly.

Gather all tools:

Now when you are done with changing the flat tire, gather all the tools, sheet, flat tire, and other accessories and place them in your car.

Sanitize or wash your hands:

Wash your hands after changing the flat tire if possible otherwise use the hand sanitizer.

Get the flat tire fixed:

Very first thing is to look for the nearest tire shop and get the flat tire fixed.  This is very important because you never know when does your vehicles tires get deflated and you are required to change the flat tire again.
See the procedure to change the flat tire is very simple and easy and it is not rocket science. We will advise you to try changing the tire yourself multiple times. This will be very helpful when you are traveling and you have no one to help you in changing the flat tire.

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