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The Fastest Car in the World 2018


Koenigsegg Agera RS: The Fastest Car in the World 2018? 

Aldous Huxley, the famous British author once said: “Speed, it seems to me, provides the one genuinely modern pleasure.” And for us commoners, the best way to experience speed is cars which bring us to an important question.


The Fastest Car in the World 2018?

The answer is not that simple. It depends on what sort of cars we are talking about. Are they road going? Or are they just very fast but can’t actually drive on the road? Or are they amphibious cars? 
For the purposes of this article, let us limit our search to cars that can actually legally be driven on the road. In which case, the question is: which is the fastest road-legal car in the world?
It is (drum rolls) the Koenigsegg Agera RS.
The Fastest Car in the World 2018
The fastest road-going car is the Koenigsegg Agera RS with a registered and recorded top speed of 278mph. 
Or is it?
You see, the problem is, that the production of the Agera RS has now been stopped. And Hennessey, an American car company now claims that its new car, the Venom F5 can go as fast as 301 mph. It probably can but since it hasn’t officially been tested, the Agera RS is still The Fastest Car in the World 2018. Don’t be unimpressed with the Agera though. It is an extraordinary car. The numbers on this car are absolutely mind-numbing. 
The Fastest Car in the World 2018
You would be right in assuming that the Agera RS is a tad bit expensive: $2,500,000. No, that’s not a typo. That’s the price for going that fast. Two and a half million US Dollars. That’s expensive even by hypercar standards. But then again, the people who buy this are well-off, to say the least.
The next ridiculous number is the horsepower it produces: 1160hp @7800 rpm.
The engine is a twin turbo aluminum 5.0 liter V8. 
The car is a two door, two-seaters with a removable hardtop and the body are made from pre-impregnated carbon fiber/ kevlar and lightweight sandwich reinforcements. You read that correctly. The body is partly made from kevlar. The same stuff used to make bulletproof jackets. There is a reason for using carbon fiber instead of good aluminum. This is one of those cars where nothing else apart from speed matters. And there’s a pretty tried and tested a way to make cars fast. Make em light. Every gram reduced is some speed gained and when you’re building The Fastest Car in the World 2018, it’s important that the car is as light as possible. Carbon fiber isn’t just light. It is incredibly strong and reinforcing it with kevlar makes it stronger still. 
But a light, powerful car can’t become the fastest car. Your car needs to be intelligent as well. When going around a corner, the car needs to know which wheel requires the most power. And the car must have the ability to send extra power to a particular wheel and cut powers to the other. This means it must have a killer Traction Control System (TCS). TCS has become one of the absolutes a car must have to be relevant in the speed industry and to that effect Koenigsegg is equipped with the Koenigsegg Electronic Stability System(KES) which has three settings. Wet – Normal – Track. When you enable the track mode, the car knows that you’re about to push physics to the limit and it sets itself up for that. The car goes down a few centimeters for better aerodynamic stability. The full power of the engine is activated and you better strap yourself because you’re going to be traveling at some terrifying speeds. 
The Fastest Car in the World 2018
There was a time when fast cars were almost unbearable to drive in the real world. They didn’t have comfortable seating, there was no radio and the ride was so terrible that if you were to, unfortunately, run over a cat, you would even know what it had for breakfast. But not with the Koenigsegg Agera RS. The Fastest Car in the World 2018 is also quite comfortable. Don’t expect Rolls-Royce luxury but it comes with a detachable hardtop, power windows, and even leather seats. 
You can’t move the seats in the Agera. Because the mechanism that powers the motor is too heavy and obviously, when you’re building the fastest car, you don’t want weight. Does that mean not everyone can drive it? 
Actually, the Agera has a cool trick up its sleeve. Instead of moving the seat, you can move the steering and the pedals. 
A few more features that are alien to supercars but available in the Agera RS are an Mp3 Player with USB connection, climate control, and leather carpets. You even get an official Koenigsegg key fob. 
The one thing that you absolutely want in The Fastest Car in the World 2018 is stopping power: Brakes. You don’t want to be traveling at 270 odd mph only to realize the brakes don’t seem to be working. Unplanned and sudden stops in a car aren’t usually pretty. To deal with the enormous engine, the Agera RS also has enormous ceramic brakes. The 40mm wide 6-piston Koenigsegg calipers are actually ventilated ceramic discs. Apart from the sheer size, there’s one more thing that makes the brakes super-effective. They are power assisted. Which means not only do the discs physically slow the car down, the KES system on-board completely shuts off sending power to the wheels when the brakes are applied. When the brakes are no longer engaged, within nanoseconds, KES sends the power back to them. 
The Fastest Car in the World 2018
And finally the transmission. Unless you have a proper gearbox to transfer the power generated by the massive engine to the wheels, there’s no speed achieved. To this end, the Agera RS is equipped with a 7-speed paddle shift gearbox with auto-shift modes which means, when you’re not driving like a maniac, you can relax and let the automatic transmission do the hard work. 
These are some of the fascinating things that make the Koenigsegg Agera RS The Fastest Car in the World 2018. That being said, the crown does not stay for long these days. There’s another champion just around the corner. 

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